What to expect during your fiber installation

When constructing a new fiber optic network we understand having your yard disturbed can be a pain. Our hope is that you find its worth the small annoyance once you experience the insanely fast and reliable service of fiber optic Internet!


Step 1 - Engineering

This is when we would engineer and submit build plans to the city engineer for right-of-way and utility easement access. 

ATTNENTION:  fiber network construction may impact areas around your home, we are operating within the public right-of-way.  This is where other utilities are buried and where our fiber network must be ran.  If you have questions or concerns please contact us at ftthconstruction@conxxus.com or call 217.379.2026

Step 2 - Call 8-1-1

This is when we would call 8-1-1 to come locate and mark any other none private utilities.  This would not include things like underground dog fences, sprinkler systems, etc….Those must be reported seperate from public utilities.  

Step 3 - Excavation of Utilities

This is the process where we begin excavating existing utilities within our permitted areas, excavation would take place in the right-of-way or utility easement areas.  This may seem like its happening in your yard but this is public ground that we are given permission to excavate in order to build our fiber network.

Step 4 - Heavy Machinery Use for Construction

This is the step where we use a directional boring machine to install conduit in the public right-of-way, these act as pathways for our fiber optic cable which will be fed through at a later time.

Step 5 - Vault & Hand Hole Installation

This is the step where we dig holes so we can place “fiber vaults” along property lines, we do this so we are able to run fiber optic cable to every home we are passing.  This is absolutely necessary for residents to obtain service and can be unsightly, we do restore all ground that we work to its original condition. It can take time for grass to grow back but we do drop grass seed and straw to help aid the process of restoration.  

Step 6 - Ground Restoration

After vaults and hand holes are installed we will send a “restoration crew” to the area to clean up and restore ground to its original condition.  Restoration times vary based on weather conditions but we use grass seed and hand tools to ensure that the ground is restored to its original condition. If you have specific issues with ground restoration or any other fiber network construction issues you can call us at 217.379.2026 and we will address those issues.

feel free to contact us

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Step 1 - Sign Up For Service

This is when you would search your address to see if we have service in that area.  If we do and the “fiberhood” is in the “sign up” phase you will be able to customize your service plan and sign up for fiber optic services that include Internet, phone or TV service.  If you need us to follow a specific path when we run the fiber optic cable up to your home its important you let us know of any other underground obstructions or provide us instructions on how it needs to be ran. You can either add notes on your sign up form or call us at 217.379.2026.

Step 2 - Running Conduit

This is when we would use a vibratory plow to bury the conduit in your yard.  This machine plows fiber conduit underground so we can come back and blow fiber through it when its time to install fiber optic service.
This is a minimally invasive process but will kill some grass during this process, we know this can be a nuisance but its a small price to pay for incredible Internet service!  We will make sure to plant new grass seed and use hand tools to prepare the ground as best we can for a fast restoration to its original condition.

Step 3 - Running Fiber & Installing Fiber Box

After running conduit, we use a tool to push fiber through the conduit up to your home.  We then splice that fiber optic cable at the vault or box installed on your property line. We then splice the fiber optic cable inside the protective box that will be installed on the side of your home.  If you have a specific spot you want the box mounted on your home please let us know.  

Step 4 - Installation Time

Now that fiber has been run to your home and spliced at the proper locations a fiber installation technician can now install your fiber optic service.