Bethany Fiber Service Area

Your area is active for fiber construction steps 1 & 2!  Search your address, then select it from the drop down menu.  Then hit next to submit an interest form!

When will fiber service be available?

There are multiple steps we must complete before we can begin home installations.  We must engineer, build and test the fiber network before we can begin installations.  From start to finish these steps can take 1-3 months

Check to see if we serve your address

enter only your house # and zip code to see if we have service in your area.  For example, for address 219 North Elm St, Bethany, IL 61914 you need to enter 219 in the house number field and 61914 into the zip code field.  Then select your address from the drop down menu and hit next, this will take you to an INTEREST FORM or SIGN UP FORM.  If you are using mobile click the white dropdown menu after hitting the search button. 

An interest form earns you a chance to win our SMALL BUSINESS GIVEAWAY!

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Checking for addresses

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