Fiber Internet service has come to Conxxus!

Are you interested in fiber Internet?  If you are, click the link below to see all of our fiber service areas!  To sign up all you have to do is click on your service area, search and select your address form the drop down menu and submit a sign up or interest form!  Speeds up to 1Gbps!

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Internet service made simple...

At Conxxus we know how frustrating it can be when switching to a new service…..the new contracts, data caps, overage fees.  We don’t do that, we offer affordable service prices with no long term contracts, data caps or overage fees!

No long term contacts

pay month to month, we never lock you into a long term contract!

No data caps

there are no overage charges or limits on data use!

No pricing gimmicks

no tricks or gimmicks, everyone gets the same low price no matter what!

Upgraded services

Enjoy upgraded video services and network equipment!

use our service calculator to see what your plan would cost!

Speed Matters

Have you run a speed test lately? Go ahead, give it a go, we’ll wait. We offer fiber optic speed up to 1Gbps!  We have a feeling that you won’t be able to get those kinds of speeds with your current Internet provider.  Up to 200mbps download speeds in our non-fiber service areas & up to 1Gbps with Fiber Optic Internet service!