Gigabit Internet is here

Conxxus is a 100% true Fiber-Optic Internet service provider that focuses on providing a wide range of Internet, Video, and Telephone services to rural Illinois and Indiana residents.  Click one of the links below to see the progress of fiber-optic service in Gibson City or Elliott IL!  Let us know you’re interested or sign up for service today!  We are looking at several locations to build fiber-optic network over the next 3 years, stay tuned for more updates and announcements!  

Fiber-Optic Internet, Television & Phone Services

Single services and packages are available!

fiber to the home service is not available in all areas

Why choose Conxxus as your media provider?

Conxxus is a local media provider focused on bringing fiber-optic media services to rural Illinois!

Active Conxxus Customers

Premium Television Channels Available

Maximum Bandwidth (mbps)

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Upgrade your media services today and enjoy these great benefits!

Speeds up to
1 Gbps

Improved WiFi Service

Superior upload and download speeds

Low latency – faster load times make it great for gaming

Incredible Voice Clarity

Stream 4k & HD Video

Increased Security with a Fiber-Optic Connection

Local and Long Distance Calling

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